Kayak Rental

We offer portable kayak rental so that you don't need a car with a rack to enjoy kayaking. Our portable kayak rental products are the best the industry offers. Expedition-grade inflatable kayak models with extremely rigid drop stitch bottoms, flat rockers, piercing bow lines, and stiff fins will provide you with great tracking ability and outstanding glide to cover long distances with ease. Our collection of industry-leading Aquaglide Chelan portable kayak rentals offer the best recreational and touring kayaking experience in the inflatable kayak segment. All of our professional-grade inflatable kayak rentals come with paddles, personal flotation devices, a high-pressure pump. Our rental Aquaglide Cascade inflatable stand up paddle boards, SUPs, offer perfectly stiff drop stitch bottoms. Our rental portable SUPs come with adjustable paddles, coil leash, personal flotation device and high pressure pump. Rent our portable kayaks and SUPs and get the most of your next camping adventure.